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Cosmetic Dentistry: Hope for a Healthier, More Vibrant Smile

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Hope for a Healthier, More Vibrant Smile

dentistry in parramattaThe 21st century has paved way for so many technological advancements that are definitely a big help to human race’s present needs for better health care and perhaps, more years to a person’s life too. These stately, impressive medical innovations extend to the field of dentistry, the branch which tackles the health of the teeth and that of the oral mucosa. You’ll be happy to know that not all hope is lost when it comes to restoring, improving and treating problems and issues of the teeth, today’s cosmetic dentistry can definitely cater to all your needs.

Bringing Back That Healthy Smile

Gone were the days when you have to rely on brushing the teeth regularly and flossing to prevent cavities from forming and destroying the teeth eventually. There were times when you had to take extra caution when choosing the foods that you eat because one single wrong choice can destroy your teeth. These days, an appointment with your trusted dentist can shed more light to your dental problems, which in turn, your dentist can then device a treatment plan that specifically caters to your needs.

Visit our affordable Parramatta dentist clinic and you will be presented with choices such as teeth whitening, teeth replacement with prosthesis such as dental implants, dentures, or braces. You will be prescribed with diagnostic exams of course before undergoing fitting or performance of desired procedures, and in turn, you will also be oriented with the benefits, and potential complications of the procedure which you might undergo so you, as the client will have a proper, informed consent. So that’s all there is about dentistry. There will always be hope as long as you live, so book an appointment today.

Crowns & Bridges: Types, Procedure and Benefits


Crown is a method in which your tooth is reinstated with the help of a cap that is covered around your tooth. This is basically done in order to protect your tooth from cavity problem, and is fixed on your tooth with the help of tooth cement.  Bridge is a method which is used to reduce the gap in between your tooth. This is basically done in case of missing tooth. Read below to learn more about crown and bridgework at dentist in Parramatta.


There are 3 types of crown

a) All Metal-It is made entirely of metal be it gold or silver, this is used when looks are not a matter of concern.

b) All Ceramic-It is made out of porcelain, mostly used when beauty of tooth is most important, but they are not strong as compared to others.

c) Porcelain fused to metal-There is a mix of ceramic and metal here, it is made in hot furnace and very strong.

In similar manner there are 3 types of dental bridge

a) Traditional bridges-This is basically made out of porcelain and cannot be removed from your mouth .

b) Cantilever bridges-It is fixed to a single tooth and used when there are no tooth present on both side of gap area. c) Maryland bonded bridges-It is mainly used for front teeth when gaps are less evident.

parramatta dental crown and bridgesProcedures

Crown-The process starts with shaping up the tooth of patient .It is properly trimmed by the dentist. The cap must be at least 2 to 3 mm thick. After that the dentist will make a copy of tooth which can be done either with the help of putty or taking picture of tooth .Once the structure is prepared it is fitted to the tooth of patient and if any alterations are required changes are done to it and finally they are cemented to the tooth of patient. Bridge-Here the dentist will give you anesthesia in the affected area and take image or impression of your tooth so that structure, crowns etc can be prepared and this will be fixed on your tooth until the permanent structure is ready to be fixed.

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Crown-The main advantage of crown is its long durability. The average life of a crown may be around 10 years or more if proper oral hygiene is maintained by patient. It also reduces the chances of tooth fracturing and prevents your tooth from invasion of bacteria. It also improves the appearance of your tooth. On the other hand fixing of bridge is an easy procedure, it is less time consuming, and gives natural look to your tooth and it also improves your chewing efficiency.

Need for Crown and Bridges

Crown-When there are cracks appearing on your teeth and it hurts you while biting than crown is needed to provide a permanent solution to this problem. The level of cracks will determine the type or crown needed, if it is deeply affected than root therapy can also be done. The need for bridge arises when the gap in between your teeth widens, with the help of bridge the gap can be filled in. If treatment is not done this may result in tooth decay, gum disease etc. Bridges-When you have gaps in between your teeth due to which you are facing problem while chewing and speaking than you must surely opt for dental bridge because it not only helps you to chew and speak properly but also prevents your adjacent tooth from relocation.

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Brilliant Smile Alert: Oral Care and Fresh Breath Tips

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how to look after your oral healthProper oral hygiene and mouth care is extremely crucial. In its strictest sense, specialists in the dental field theorized that there is a solid relationship between oral wellbeing and an individual’s general wellbeing. In this way, having a healthy mouth, gums, tongue, and teeth is imperative for one’s overall wellness.  Let us take you back to the very basic methods on how to keep your oral mucosa healthy and clean all the time. Check out these tips that we shall enumerate one by one and see the difference that they can make when you practice these tips regularly.

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Brush your teeth regularly

Nothing else beats getting the best out of oral care better than brushing your teeth regularly every day. Why not? Brushing your teeth with the right bristled toothbrush suited for your age does the trick. Not only does it help to clean out food particles which may be stuck between your teeth after eating but with the right toothbrush, you’ll be able to massage and bring back proper circulation to your gums.

Proper Use of Fluoride Toothpaste

Related: Selecting the correct toothpaste is essential to assist proper health of the teeth. That’s why Parramatta dentist offers an absolutely FREE dental consultation to help you determine your dental health status. Arrange your appointment today!

effective teeth whitening in parramattaIn the last few decades, a compound of the element fluorine called fluoride was discovered to have enamel-strengthening properties. Enamel is known to be the hardest material found in the human body, but with constant exposure to acid and bacteria in the mouth, enamel eventually develops fissures or minute holes. These depressions in the teeth weaken them, leading to tooth decay and well, halitosis or bad breath. Use a toothpaste that has a therapeutic fluoride content. It will act as a protective barrier to your tooth enamel for an extended period of time. Many of today’s toothpaste brands incorporate extended protection by fluoride against tooth decay and dental caries. Try reading product labels or ask your dentist about it.

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Regular flossing definitely helps

If you’re not a very big fan of tooth flossing before, well, you need to start the habit now. You may be religiously following the cardinal rule of everyday oral care which is brushing twice a day. That’s not enough, kiddo. Flossing tend to reach those technically hard-to-reach nooks and crannies of your teeth to remove any food particles that may have not been removed by brushing alone. And no, you may not use a regular thread to floss your teeth. Cotton threads can injure the gums, and since it’s a highly vascular region of the body, excessive bleeding can develop, blood clots can form, which can rot over time and cause bad breath. You wouldn’t want that to happen, don’t you think?

Switch to a healthier diet

But of course! You can start switching to a healthier lifestyle and diet by curbing your caffeine intake, nicotine consumption, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Better yet, ditch nicotine now before everything’s too late. As for your food choices, fruits and vegetables are definitely a must and try to cut your intake of sugary foods like candy bars, mints, and starchy food products such as potato chips and nachos.

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So there you have it, that’s about everything you need to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy all the time. No one smiles at the thought of bad breath, so keep these tips handy and you’ll definitely enjoy fresher breath every day.

Dental Invisalign by Cosmetic Dentistry

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What is Invisalign?

dental invisalign in parramatta

About Invisalign:      

For adults and teens the Invisalign braces are the perfect treatment for proper dental treatment. These Invisalign braces are not the real braces they are just the best treatment of the dental aligner that move to the patients’ teeth. With braces people are not comfortable as don’t really take care of them and additional appointment is required for loss and broken the braces. So the Invisalign is an easier treatment for the people. Periodontal health is the great advantage of the Invisalign. It is an easy process for the people as there are no wires and braces all over the surrounding teeth. The price of the Invisalign braces is affordable. So people can easily take the benefit of it. The Invisalign braces take less time and more comfortable for the people.

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Advantages of Invisalign dental treatment:

dental invisalign before and afterThis Invisalign treatment is very useful for teeth straightening and alignment problems. The Invisalign process is totally different from the other dental treatments. It is not an expensive process and provides the solutions of the dental problems like cross bite, spacing, overbite and many more. The aligners are made of a smooth and comfortable plastic. The treatment with invisible brace is not a difficult and rigid one. The people very easily and comfortably deal with the dental problems. So it is very reputable and acceptable solution of the dental problem. It is a latest treatment and very popular among the people.

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Importance of the invisalign dental treatment:

The great advantage of the invisible treatment is that the trays are virtual and invisible. It also can take off while taking the food.  It is not a difficult one to take care as there is no boundary over the teeth. The important thing about the Invisalign treatment is that the people get very comfortable with this, and they able to eat and brush very easily. These days the invisible treatments are very popular among the people that may include any age. These treatments are very less painful. The people also remove the aligner at any time as per the desired of the people. So it spread its popularity among the people who really face the problems related to dental care.

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Cost of Invisalign treatment:

While preferring the Invisalign dental treatment, there are several factors that affect the cost of the Invisalign treatment. Somewhere the treatment cost is at average cost. People also consult with their insurance provider about their coverage. People also go for the offers of the clinics that offer flexible payment plans.  Some locality offers tare there in the local clinics, so people also search for that type of the local clinic for treatment. It also treats as an orthodontic treatment and so for that the people may include in the insurance coverage. Like this so many options re there for Invisalign dental treatment.

Related: Speak to one of our dental invisalign specialists for you to get quality dental services that you deserve. Browse through our site and arrange an absolutely FREE consultation today!

Overview of Invisalign treatment:

The Invisalign treatment is very easy and simple process for dental treatment. This treatment brings the confidence back to the patient. The problems of the irregularity of the teeth problems can be corrected by preferring these treatments. The overbite and cross bite problems are also short out very easily by choosing these Invisalign treatments. It is the latest and advanced treatment of the dental treatment. It aligns the teeth in an invisible way. The plastic aligners are also designed that seems very good look and provides the perfect smoothness of the dental care.

Real Patient’s experience of Invisalign treatment

Cosmetic dentistry-Dental Implants

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Over years, dental implants have become an almost must-have for many a people seeking to dental-implantshave restoration on their teeth. Apart from the restoration aspect, the teeth may have a myriad of issues that may call for a dental procedure. This may include missing tooth, replacement to lost roots or as artificial for of support to your teeth.

What are implants?

Simply put, dental implants are materials usually made of metal of titanium metal. This metal implant is fitted in the jawbone to replace natural tooth’s root which may be absent. This dental implant’s main role is to firmly put in place the replacing tooth.


Prosthodontist, periodontist and the dental implant procedure


Dental implants are all about placement of crowns, dentures and bridges where a replacement is called for. For this to be done, you will require the specialized services of Dr Potres who is  prosthodontist in parramatta and periodontist. The former will concentrate on the placement of bridges and dentures and crowns whilst the latter will mainly specialize in the implants themselves. They are also known as oral surgeons.

Not just anybody can go for dental implants

This should be obvious, but most people do not know whether they are fit to go for dental implants.

Generally speaking, you need to be of good general health. Your gum should be healthy and the jaw bones enough for a successful dental implant. Shrunken jawbone might require first grafting be done so as to create more room and ‘grip’ for the implant.


Cosmetic Dentistry-Silver Amalgam

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Silver amalgam is a type of dental filling that makes use of silver. An amalgam is a mixture (or an alloy, if you like) of various metals that make up the dental filling. In this case, silver amalgam is made up of metals such as copper, silver itself, mercury and tin. Silver dental fillings are popular in cosmetic dentistry.



  1. Silver amalgam is strong and durable. As a result, people seeking to use their teeth for lots of chewing would opt for silver amalgam.
  2. They are more preferable for sealing cracked teeth. Cracking is common in the molars as we use them for chewing and grinding food.
  3. The nature of silver amalgams is that they harden quickly on being fitted; this is unlike the gold dental fillings.
  4. Silver amalgams are the top choice for children due to their ease of fitting, short time they take to harden and the fact that children tend to be impatient makes them the best option.


Silver amalgam dental fillings are not all praise; they have their downside too.

  1. Be prepared to part more of your natural tooth. This is because the dental surgeon has to silver-fillings-exampleexcavate deeper in order to fit the silver fillings into the tooth.
  2. Silver dental fillings do not look like the natural teeth; hence stand out from your own teeth, hence beating the very purpose of the natural appearance.
  3. The inordinate expansion and contraction of the silver amalgam cause them to easily develop cracks. As a result, you may be required to regularly visit the dentist.


Cosmetic dentistry and teeth decay

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The process of teeth decay starts in the mouth when bacteria act on the sugar coating our teeth, forming acid as a result. This acid is responsible for eating into the tooth and eroding the enamel, dentine and finally cavity formation. This is usually the final stage culminating in the teeth decay.

 What cause teeth decay?

Having identified the reason why teeth decay, we need to know the things that make teeth to tooth decaydecay. Certain foods especially the sugary ones encourage the bacteria in the mouth to act on the left-over bits of food in the mouth, leading to the decay. Other foods and drinks that encourage teeth decay include those rich in carbohydrates. As a precaution, you should avoid fizzy drinks, biscuits, sweetsand so on.

Oral hygiene is paramount if you are to forestall any teeth decay. Failure to brush teeth after meals creates a conducive atmosphere for bacteria to act on the teeth. It is therefore imperative that you maintain good oral hygiene by brushing teeth after every meal. Please note that it is not enough just to use any toothpaste; the toothpaste should have fluoride. Flossing is also important. Good dental care is very important for the longevity of your teeth  as those that neglect ones teeth often suffer the fate of needing dental fillings or dental implants when your teeth start to fall out.

Alcohol and smoking

People who take to smoking indulging in alcohol are predisposed to teeth decay. This is because of the nicotine element in the smoke causes decay. Alcohol on the other hand leads to erosion of the enamel part of the tooth.

Dry mouth

Acidity in the mouth may be caused by low production of saliva which leads to dry mouth condition. Mouth hydration is therefore vital.

The Promise of Stronger and Healthier Teeth by Restorative Dentistry

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cosmetic-dentistryAre you having a hard time dealing with a dental problem? Well you are not alone of course. You might check out with your dentist with regards to the many dental procedures which you can have for your teeth. Never hesitate or have second thoughts because now’s the best time to get through with dental care especially when you need them most. For this post, you will be given a walk-through on the wonders of restorative dentistry and some of the things that you need to remember.

Restorative dentistry defined

Restorative dentistry in its strictest sense deals with basically all the surgical processes which are involved and utilized for treatment of dental defects. You see, for most people, dental defects can come as a cause for self-isolation and embarrassment from the rest of the world, bearing grounds for getting a major case of inferiority complex. Restorative dentistry shouldn’t scare you because even if it sounds every bit quite uncomfortable, in reality, it’s everything that a dental patient could ever wish for. We are talking about painless, and stress-free restorative dentistry and it is best to let a prosthodontist dentist work on it as it tends to be a specialized procedure.

What Does Restorative Dentistry Help Correct?

Some of the problems that can be remedied by restorative dentistry include tooth loss, cosmetic-dentistrydecaying teeth, dental discoloration, chipped teeth, and also, swollen gums or periodontal disease. These problems can harness complications not just to your teeth but to your overall health in general. It might take some time but it sure will. Before you know it, everything might be too late. Restorative dentistry is geared toward improving, maintaining, treating, and perhaps even strengthening the overall integrity and quality of the teeth and oral mucosa. Speak to us about it today.