Cosmetic Dentistry: Hope for a Healthier, More Vibrant Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry: Hope for a Healthier, More Vibrant Smile

dentistry in parramattaThe 21st century has paved way for so many technological advancements that are definitely a big help to human race’s present needs for better health care and perhaps, more years to a person’s life too. These stately, impressive medical innovations extend to the field of dentistry, the branch which tackles the health of the teeth and that of the oral mucosa. You’ll be happy to know that not all hope is lost when it comes to restoring, improving and treating problems and issues of the teeth, today’s cosmetic dentistry can definitely cater to all your needs.

Bringing Back That Healthy Smile

Gone were the days when you have to rely on brushing the teeth regularly and flossing to prevent cavities from forming and destroying the teeth eventually. There were times when you had to take extra caution when choosing the foods that you eat because one single wrong choice can destroy your teeth. These days, an appointment with your trusted dentist can shed more light to your dental problems, which in turn, your dentist can then device a treatment plan that specifically caters to your needs.

Visit our affordable Parramatta dentist clinic and you will be presented with choices such as teeth whitening, teeth replacement with prosthesis such as dental implants, dentures, or braces. You will be prescribed with diagnostic exams of course before undergoing fitting or performance of desired procedures, and in turn, you will also be oriented with the benefits, and potential complications of the procedure which you might undergo so you, as the client will have a proper, informed consent. So that’s all there is about dentistry. There will always be hope as long as you live, so book an appointment today.

Crowns & Bridges: Types, Procedure and Benefits


Crown is a method in which your tooth is reinstated with the help of a cap that is covered around your tooth. This is basically done in order to protect your tooth from cavity problem, and is fixed on your tooth with the help of tooth cement.  Bridge is a method which is used to reduce the gap in between your tooth. This is basically done in case of missing tooth. Read below to learn more about crown and bridgework at dentist in Parramatta.


There are 3 types of crown

a) All Metal-It is made entirely of metal be it gold or silver, this is used when looks are not a matter of concern.

b) All Ceramic-It is made out of porcelain, mostly used when beauty of tooth is most important, but they are not strong as compared to others.

c) Porcelain fused to metal-There is a mix of ceramic and metal here, it is made in hot furnace and very strong.

In similar manner there are 3 types of dental bridge

a) Traditional bridges-This is basically made out of porcelain and cannot be removed from your mouth .

b) Cantilever bridges-It is fixed to a single tooth and used when there are no tooth present on both side of gap area. c) Maryland bonded bridges-It is mainly used for front teeth when gaps are less evident.

parramatta dental crown and bridgesProcedures

Crown-The process starts with shaping up the tooth of patient .It is properly trimmed by the dentist. The cap must be at least 2 to 3 mm thick. After that the dentist will make a copy of tooth which can be done either with the help of putty or taking picture of tooth .Once the structure is prepared it is fitted to the tooth of patient and if any alterations are required changes are done to it and finally they are cemented to the tooth of patient. Bridge-Here the dentist will give you anesthesia in the affected area and take image or impression of your tooth so that structure, crowns etc can be prepared and this will be fixed on your tooth until the permanent structure is ready to be fixed.

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Crown-The main advantage of crown is its long durability. The average life of a crown may be around 10 years or more if proper oral hygiene is maintained by patient. It also reduces the chances of tooth fracturing and prevents your tooth from invasion of bacteria. It also improves the appearance of your tooth. On the other hand fixing of bridge is an easy procedure, it is less time consuming, and gives natural look to your tooth and it also improves your chewing efficiency.

Need for Crown and Bridges

Crown-When there are cracks appearing on your teeth and it hurts you while biting than crown is needed to provide a permanent solution to this problem. The level of cracks will determine the type or crown needed, if it is deeply affected than root therapy can also be done. The need for bridge arises when the gap in between your teeth widens, with the help of bridge the gap can be filled in. If treatment is not done this may result in tooth decay, gum disease etc. Bridges-When you have gaps in between your teeth due to which you are facing problem while chewing and speaking than you must surely opt for dental bridge because it not only helps you to chew and speak properly but also prevents your adjacent tooth from relocation.

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