Dental implants are referred to as artificial teeth replacements which are especially made for adults and are proven to be safe and comfortable as well. The implants are installed in the jawbone and are immovable after installation which means that you don’t have to move the implant when brushing your teeth. These dental prosthetics are specifically made in order to provide a strong replacement for the root part of the teeth that may be damaged. It is installed by placing the crown on the jawbone and screwing it in place to top off and seal the implant securely.

What are the cost of dental implants?

The general cost of dental implants will vary depending on the dental clinic you choose to see but the average cost for 1 dental implant will be around $1500 dollars. The price to do a number of implants will be in the thousands. For a exact price on dental implants please book an appointment and we can give you price based on your particular needs.

The many good things brought about by use of dental implants

Basically, dental implants are manufactured in order to restore the proper functioning of the oral cavity when it comes to mastication, which by all means is the role of the teeth. Implants replace missing, damaged, and decayed teeth which are considered totaled or cannot be of good use any longer. Installation of dental implants is referred to as a cosmetic procedure, and it has a set of benefits including allowing one to chew food and giving a great looking smile. Some of these benefits of having dental implants include:

  • Provision of natural-looking prosthetics for missing or damaged teeth
  • Convenient cleaning and maintenance measures which include usual flossing and brushing of teeth
  • Prevents the incidence of shrinkage of the jawbone and gum line which can be caused by gaping spaces due to missing teeth
  • Easily replaceable if damaged by blunt trauma
  • Unlike dentures, implants don’t need to be removed for cleaning purposes
  • No danger of accidental slipping or sliding when speaking, eating, or smiling
  • Halts bone loss and it also promotes a more youthful-looking appearance of the client’s mandibular bone structure
  • Since dental implants have a shade that is very close to the original color of natural enamel, it is not visually noticeable

Frequently Asked Questions for Dental Implants

What are dental implants?

These implants are composed of a tiny titanium screw that’s installed on the jaw or mandible in order to replace the functioning of damaged or missing teeth. Titanium is known to be the safest alloy that can be inserted into the body without the danger of infection or rejection of the organs, and it also facilitates screwing of the implants on the jawbone for safe anchorage. The titanium screws are installed on the jaw and left in place until it heals. The process may take up to a few weeks, and then afterwards, a new crown shall be replaced.

Why should I get a dental implant?

Dental implants can replace missing or decayed teeth. It has a lesser risk of slipping off when you smile, speak, or eat. It is highly durable and functional at the same time.

How can dental implants help with proper teeth replacement?

Dental implants are placed and secured in the jawbone to replace the missing tooth. An abutment, or a special device is then placed on the screw of the implant; afterwards, a replacement crown implant is then attached to the installed root. Dental implants that are made of high quality porcelain are always the best choice for replacement teeth. The implant is composed of a crown that’s molded to look and feel like the natural enamel coating of the teeth. In order to differentiate the implant from the dental crown, the implant is placed to replace the root of the affected teeth, while the dental crown replaces the entire structure of the missing tooth. When the dental implant and the crown are attached as one, they will look like natural teeth. Together, these dental prosthetics are highly in demand because their function and appearance resembles that of natural teeth.

Diagnostic exams and laboratory tests

First and foremost, the soft tissue in which the missing tooth is located will be assessed through corresponding diagnostic exams in order to rule out potential complications prior to installation of the implant. The diagnostic exams make us of 3D imaging technology in order to provide photographs of the present status of the teeth. These include radiographic scans for taken from cone beams, dental casts, and X-ray images of the teeth. Your lab works should have the best results and clearance statuses that may be needed to rule out complications before the installation of implants should all be cleared prior to the procedure.

How will I be able to identify the best treatment that suits my needs best?

The simplest thing that you can do is to contact or visit us at Sydney Cosmetic Specialists. In that way, booking an appointment for an initial consultation would be made possible. When your day of appointment comes, the possible options for dental treatment shall be presented to you and we can discuss the best plan of care for the treatment that suits you best when it comes to prosthetic tooth replacement. Our esteemed cosmetic dental specialist Dr. Potres will introduce you to our various treatment programs and everything that you may undergo if you choose out practice. We shall be with you hand in hand to help you improve your self-confidence through a healthy and more radiant smile with the safest and most effective tooth replacement procedures that we offer.

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