What is a Prosthodontist?

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Prosthodontics is a field in dental medicine specializing in reconstructive dentistry. In other words, it is a specialty concerned with cosmetic dentistry, implants, crowns, dentures, temporomandibular and bridges. It also looks into disorders of the joints. On the other hand, prosthodontist is a specialist in the aforementioned subject concerning replacing missing teeth together with their related tissues, restoring them to their natural appearance. The field is called prosthodontistry.

Process to Becoming a Prosthodontist in Australia

To qualify and become a practicing Prosthodontist, you require a Bachelor degree as a general dentist, leading to post-graduate training. As such, you may, upon graduation, enrol for at least three years master’s degree training programme that covers various aspects of dental medicine such as orthodontistry (concerned with improper bite); periodontistry(supportive structure of teeth like gum); endodontistry(internal tissues of teeth); oral surgery as well as pediatric dentistry i.e relating to children.

Courses to be Undertaken

The Australian training programs covers extensive training in areas such as fixed Prosthodontist (tooth and implant), implant over dentures and aesthetic procedures. Others include whole or semi-removable prosthodontics, temporomandibular joint and masticatory muscle disorders; dental materials and hypersensitivities, dento-facial trauma and rehabilitation after corrective jaw operation. Finally, there are congenital and developmental defects of jaws and teeth as well as maxillofacial Prosthodontics.

What the Training Equips you with

The Australian training arms you with a special ability to collaborate with ceramic technical staff (who by the way design dental restorations, denture, crowns and bridges as per prosthodontist’s instructions) thereby giving rise to functional bio-dental restorations with long term usage. Another aspect of the training is that it enables co-ordination with other specialties of dentistry with the aim of coming up with state-of-the art multi-level treatment.

You will occupy a unique position that will enable you provide the ultimate restorative and co-ordination of these treatment regimes. Your training behooves of you to assume a broad perception and be competent in supervision of intricate treatment arrangements meant to rectify the dentistry to a more amiable state of health

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