Cosmetic dentistry and teeth decay

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The process of teeth decay starts in the mouth when bacteria act on the sugar coating our teeth, forming acid as a result. This acid is responsible for eating into the tooth and eroding the enamel, dentine and finally cavity formation. This is usually the final stage culminating in the teeth decay.

 What cause teeth decay?

Having identified the reason why teeth decay, we need to know the things that make teeth to tooth decaydecay. Certain foods especially the sugary ones encourage the bacteria in the mouth to act on the left-over bits of food in the mouth, leading to the decay. Other foods and drinks that encourage teeth decay include those rich in carbohydrates. As a precaution, you should avoid fizzy drinks, biscuits, sweetsand so on.

Oral hygiene is paramount if you are to forestall any teeth decay. Failure to brush teeth after meals creates a conducive atmosphere for bacteria to act on the teeth. It is therefore imperative that you maintain good oral hygiene by brushing teeth after every meal. Please note that it is not enough just to use any toothpaste; the toothpaste should have fluoride. Flossing is also important. Good dental care is very important for the longevity of your teeth  as those that neglect ones teeth often suffer the fate of needing dental fillings or dental implants when your teeth start to fall out.

Alcohol and smoking

People who take to smoking indulging in alcohol are predisposed to teeth decay. This is because of the nicotine element in the smoke causes decay. Alcohol on the other hand leads to erosion of the enamel part of the tooth.

Dry mouth

Acidity in the mouth may be caused by low production of saliva which leads to dry mouth condition. Mouth hydration is therefore vital.