What Are The Types of Dental Fillings?

dentist ParramattaA smile can make or break one’s level of confidence and overall self-esteem. That’s one of the most important reasons why many people are striving to have porcelain-smooth, pearly whites. A healthy smile can take you far in this world. There are companies that take a good look at the dental health of their employees and would only accept applicants who have good teeth and healthy gums. Your smile alone can determine your present health status. For instance, bleeding gums, misaligned teeth, or hypersensitivity to cold and hot food and beverages are indicators of a possible serious underlying health condition. For this article, you’ll be introduced to the different types of dental fillings which are used by modern cosmetic dentists of today. The dental fillings are utilized to salvage teeth which have shallow dental caries, which don’t need to be treated with root canal or tooth extraction.

Who can get dental fillings treatment?

During your appointment at the dentist, your practitioner will be the sole determinant for the dental filling which suits your needs. The choice of dental fillings usually depends on the location of the cavity, the extent of the decay and the preferred cost of the client. The latter is the main reason why dentists don’t usually proceed with the procedure immediately because he prefers to discuss your best choices and the corresponding price list as well. Don’t worry, you will be presented with at least three top dental fillings choices and you can pick out which one fits in your budget. Here are some of the most commonly used dental fillings which you can choose from, with guidance from your practitioner.  You can learn more about dental filling from our website.

  1. Amalgam fillings

These are used for filling dental cavities for the molars or back teeth. It is considered to be one of the most affordable dental fillings choices. Since amalgam fillings are usually used for molars, or those teeth which are used for chewing or mastication, they are made to be highly resilient and durable. Amalgam fillings have been tested using a calculated human adult chewing force for precision. But since the mouth and teeth are prone to acid damage, amalgam fillings may slowly become tarnished or corrode if not cared for properly. Consider amalgam filling treatment at dentist Parramatta clinic at an affordable price.

  1. Gold fillings

    patient having a dental chech up, close up with narrow depth of fiels focus on probe

    patient having a dental chech up, close up with narrow depth of fiels focus on probe

Contrary to popular speculation, gold fillings are not made of pure gold. Instead, they are far more costly compared to silver-derived amalgam fillings. In its pure, unadulterated form, gold is a very soft metalloid so imagine having pure gold fillings that feel like dried glue against your teeth. Although gold fillings offer a stronger insurance compared to amalgam, the silver type is as durable as gold fillings at a fraction of its price. Find a prosthodontist in Parramatta to get a quality dental gold filling treatment.

  1. Composite resin

This type of dental filling is made of a preparation of glass/silica and plastic particles. It is primarily used to fill those easily visible parts of the teeth. It is more expensive compared to silver amalgam, but cheaper than gold fillings. Composite resin matches with the natural color of the tooth enamel where it is applied, but it does not last longer compared to the dental fillings made from silver or gold.

  1. Ceramic fillings

If you are not sure which dental filling to get, learn our teeth whitening Parramatta treatment. Derived from porcelain, ceramic fillings cost almost the same as composite resin but more than the gold variety. Just like composite resin, it matches the color of teeth, but it is longer lasting and it is highly resistant to blunt force and staining.

  1. Glass ionomer

This type of dental filling is similar to composite resin only that it is made of glass and acrylic components. It has almost the same price as composite resin but not very durable. The best thing about glass ionomer fillings is that it releases tooth-protecting fluoride which helps to prevent further dental caries.

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