Cosmetic Dentistry – Why People Get Dental Implants

dentist in parramattaOne of the many breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic dentistry today is dental implants. Every piece and its installation may be a bit expensive compared to the other procedures that are in the scope of the practice, but it is a definite big shot and a permanent solution to broken, diseased, or missing teeth. Basically a dental implant is literally an implant of a replica of a tooth. There’s more to this replica than what meets the eye. The tooth implant is made of an artificial material such as porcelain, and it is made up of two parts: the tooth root which resembles a metal screw, and a porcelain crown and bridgework.

The tooth root is drilled surgically and implanted into the jawbone. It is placed in the operative site in order to provide a strong base or foundation where a crown will later be placed securely. The screw-like tooth root is made of titanium, which is the only known metal which does not react to the many metabolic and catalyzing processes in the body. After the implant screw has been anchored firmly through surgery into the jawbone, it will be left in place for a few weeks until it fuses biologically with the mandibular bone. It will provide a strong foundation for which the crown or dental bridge can be anchored afterwards. Follow the link to visit our dentist in Parramatta website to read more about dental implants and other dental procedures.

Affordable single tooth implants

Parramatta dental specialistSingle tooth implants offer many advantages since it is the most reliable way for a replacement tooth to be set in place securely into the mandible or jawbone. Those people who have single tooth implants don’t need to be fitted with removable dentures. Since the implant is permanent, you will be able to develop that self-confidence which people who have dentures have. The tooth implant replaces missing teeth permanently, so you will have speech and chewing improvement after installation. If you look closely at the comparative pictures of natural healthy teeth and that of implants, the artificial implants bear a striking resemblance to that of real teeth.

Loss of teeth can mean impaired speech. Remember, every part of the mouth plays an important role when it comes to speaking and enunciating words. Dental implants or dental fillings fill the gap caused by missing teeth, so speech and enunciation is improved. With dental implants, you will be able to flash your best smile anytime. That healthy smile which comprises a complete set of teeth builds confidence and better self-esteem. With your improved mastication or chewing ability, you will be able to mechanically break down food properly, and digestion will be better this time. Because dental implants replace teeth permanently, it cannot be removed for cleaning purposes like dentures. Caring for these dental implants mean brushing your teeth twice a day. It’s the same as caring for your real teeth when you’ve had them before, only that dental implants are less prone to developing cavities.

Not every dental clinic in the country and all over the world offers the installation of the major dental procedures like dental invisalign, teeth whitening or dental implants. That’s why it is very important that you consult with your dentist first with regards to this procedure so that you’ll be referred properly to the right practitioners if you really want to get dental implants for good.