What does a cosmetic dentist do you may ask. A cosmetic dentist does many things including the following.

Dental fillings –

This is a main area that dentistry covers as a large amount of the general population has dental cavities. When someone develops cavities than it is advisable to see one of our dentist in Parramatta to get it dealt with as soon as possible because infection may develop inside the tooth and cause further issues that will need to be look at.

Dental fillings come in many different options from gold fillings to silver amalgam fillings to porcine fillings and a few others. The cost varies depending on what you decide to choose but most  people choose porcine.

Dental Implants –

Our Parramatta dentist specialize in dental implants as this is another very common procedure that we do. There are a lot of people that have lost teeth or they have rotted out and had to be removed. Missing teeth look very undesirable and also one looses the ability to chew food as well as before.

Everyone that receives dental implants are more than happy with the result that is achieved. The process takes a few visits to our Parramatta dentist to have to process completed. This will all be explained with the initial consultation with  the dentist.

Dental Veneers –

Many people that have teeth that are average looking or uneven in length will decide to get dental veneers as they are a very effective way to  greatly enhance the look of your teeth and will have them turn out to be perfect looking. Be sure to ask our dentist in Parramatta about this option when you book an appointment. If you are looking to find a dentist in Parramatta you can relax because you have found us…

Below is a video showing the process of getting dental veneers…