Cost is a primary factor to consider before you opt for dental implant. Granted, no two dental implants are the same from one individual to the next. Your dentist will examine you to determine the type of implant to use, the extent to which it will be done, the number of affected teeth as well as the dental visits to be made. The dental surgeon’s fees will also vary. There are many clinics offering dental services the world over.

Our Parramatta Dental Clinic offering the lowest cost for the following procedures

At our dental clinic in Parramatta we are open 6 days a week and our prices are very pocket friendly, not mentioning we have interest free payment options. Some of the services provided include:

Inlays and outlays

Inlays are a kind of dental materials made from porcelain and other composite materials. They are different from outlays in that they are put in the root of the tooth i.e towards the center of the tooth whereas the outlays are placed on the surface of the tooth. Inlays and outlays are different from dental fillings in that they are made in the laboratory and fused using strong adhesive. On the other hand, dental fillings are shaped whilst in the mouth.

Composite resins

These are materials bearing close resemblance to dentine and enamel of the natural teeth. They are the color of the teeth and mostly used for chipped teeth, those that are decayed or broken.

Teeth whitening

This yet another procedure used to remove stains on teeth. Teeth stain due to poor oral hygiene, use of certain beverages like concentrated coffee and smoking. It is also known as bleaching. Teeth whitening is safe and can provide great results and is well worth trying if you have discolored teeth.


Dental veneers are a sheet-thin like structures made from porcelain or composite resin. They are placed on the surface of the teeth and thin glued in place. They serve two main purposes; improving the appearance of the teeth i.e cosmetics, as well as safeguarding the surface of the teeth from damage.

Dental implants

These are man-made teeth look-alike that serves as prosthetics. Dental implants are most preferred for replacing lost teeth as enhancing the appearance of the teeth.

Smile Makeover

This does not follow a definite dental procedure but constitute a combination of dental procedures aimed at improving your smile. It could be use of dental veneers, sculpturing, and use of implants and so on, all geared towards enhancing the appearance of your teeth.

Reconstructive surgery

Sometimes aesthetics alone are not enough to restore the appearance of your teeth. The functions of your teeth may be important as well. Your surgeon may want to improve on the structure of the teeth to enable carry out activities such as chewing and crushing food. A total overhaul of your teeth is necessary hence the reconstruction.