There are a lot of people with varying stages of tooth decay that visit our dental clinic in Parramatta. Most of the dental work that we perform is to do with dealing with dental cavities and root canals. The amount of dental decay we see from people that come in to our clinic is rather shocking. Every person that comes in for dental work gets educated on the best dental practises to prevent further dental cavities from occurring.

Parramatta dental clinic offering a range of dental fillings

We offer our clients a range of dental filling materials to choose from gold fillings, silver amalgams, porcelain fillings and a few others. The most popular is porcelain fillings as they are the same colour as your teeth and look very good. Dental fillings are quite and easy to do and only takes roughly an hour to complete.

Dental Implants and what you can expect

If you are looking to have a dental implant than you will need to come back a number of times to complete the process. The first visit you will be assessed to see the condition of your gums and jaw bone. If you are cleared to have the procedure than a mold will be cast where the missing tooth is and this will be sent away to be made. Will it is being made you will come back and there will be a small titanium sleeve that will be implanted into your jaw bone. This is needed for the dental implant to be screwed into. Once your gum and jaw have healed than you will required to come back again for the installation of the dental implant.

The Benefits of Dental Veneers

Our expert dentist in Parramatta  specializing in dental veneers . This is a popular thing to have done these days as it is a way to greatly improve the appearance of your teeth. Dental veneers are used to make your teeth look even. If you have chipped or broken teeth than dental veneers are one of the only ways to get your teeth looking right again.

Teeth whitening is also a common procedure and is very effective and removing the stained and brownish appearance that teeth get after years of smoking and drinking coffee. Teeth whitening is safe and a great way to get improve the general appearance of your teeth.

Dr Potres is a local dentist in Parramatta. She specializes in all forms of cosmetic dentistry such as dental implants, dental veneers, dental fillings, dentures and much more. Her dentistry clinic in Parramatta is comfortable and is imbued with a lovely ambiance. Give us a call and book an appointment you will be happy that you did.