All on 4

All on 4 is a treatment concept that was introduced in 2003 this concept involves the use of 4 the 4 implant processimplants in the maxilla or mandible. The posterior implants are tilted backwards to avoid certain anatomical structures in the jaw. This technique enables the placement of implants in patients with limited bone volume, and avoids bone grafting.

All on 4 and Full Arch Implant Supported Prostheses

The 4 implants are used to support a fixed bridge to replace all missing teeth in the arch. The fixed bridge is reinforced by metal substructure. The implants can be loaded immediately providing the patient with fixed teeth within 48 hours.

the 4 implant process 1Although the All on 4 treatment option is suitable for most people, it is not the only option for replacement of all teeth, certain factors may necessitate the use of more than 4 implants to replace all teeth, and those factors are dictated by the individual size, bite forces and anatomical variation that each person has. The number of implants needed to support your fixed full arch teeth is variable among individuals and the decision on how many implants are needed will be assessed and diagnosed thoroughly early on in the treatment.

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